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Why I wrote Invisible Men

This evening, Firstpost published a piece which carried videos by five of my interviewees, Gee Imaan Semmalar – who gave me consent to quote him, but declined a direct interview – and the partner of one of my interviewees. As

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Beyond Binary

(An edited version of this interview appeared in India Today, Jan 28 issue) Photo Credit: Vinay Aravind When did you decide that you wanted this (your initial thesis) to become a larger book? The book started off as a long-form

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5 reasons why Invisible Men has to be your new woke guide

(Reproduced from the website, from which this piece has been removed.) When Nandini Krishnan first set out to write Invisible Men, she walked in with her own limitations in understanding, both in terms of the topic at hand and in the direction

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No one who has ever loved a book could burn another

  Courtesy: Multiple Facebook posts on which I have been tagged. (If someone knows the photographer’s name, please tell me, so I can put in a credit line.) I had said earlier that I would share all reviews, negative or

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Who’s afraid of relationships?

I’m often asked – usually by men who are hitting on me, but also sometimes by interviewers – what I think of polygamy or polyamory versus exclusivity in relationships. The question leaves me a little…stuck, perhaps is the word. I

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Not-a-review of Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous (but perhaps a review of its author Manu Joseph, and of misogynists, liberals, and reviewers)

The first thing I did after finishing Manu Joseph’s Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous, was send him an email, in which I said: “I don’t know how you make your readers laugh and cry at the same time, and I don’t

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Time Out Delhi’s review

Sadly, this magazine has now shut down and the website is not accessible, but here's a photograph from the print copy I have:  

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Transcript of Online Launch

This is the transcript of Nandini Krishnan’s conversation with bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi, at the launch of the former’s first book, Hitched: The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage, published by Random House India. Ashwin Sanghi (AS): Nandini, honestly speaking, this is one of the most enlightening books that I

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For whom the bell peals

(Published in the July 2014 issue of Shubh Yatra magazine, retrieved from​) It’s rather awkward when one is deemed an expert on a subject one has no practical experience of. Since Hitched was released, I’ve been accosted by journalists, young men

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Interview with Bharat Matrimony: ‘Arranged Marriages are here to Stay’

(Published in Bharat Matrimony's blog, on February 21, 2014, retrieved from Are arranged marriages still relevant? I’m assuming we are talking about their relevance in urban, westernised India. That is the milieu that was my concern for the book,

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