Nandini has written several plays, which she has not published yet. All of these have been entered in playwriting contests, and several have been short-listed and long-listed. She may be contacted by those interested in staging them.

In Cold Blood (2009) – a young IT employee has been murdered. Her family is not reachable, and her emails show that they are away on holiday. Her friends and colleagues have the nicest things to say about her. Two police officers get to the bottom of the murder. Longlisted for The Metro Plus Playwright Award 2009.

Veiled Agenda (2011) – A student of fine arts draws a picture of a woman wearing nothing but a veil. When the painting becomes public, various political and religious groups start claiming that the painting is offensive to one of their own. The girl's family is under siege by the self-appointed guardians of culture and of the interests of religious minorities. Trapped in the house, they turn on each other, until certain events precipitate a climax.

Baby (2012) – An almost entirely epistolary play, this flashes back and forth in time, exploring a strange relationship between a father and daughter. The play explores the idea of consensual incest, as opposed to abuse. Shortlisted for the Metro Plus Playwright Award 2012.

Guru G: The Birth, Life, Death and Legacy of the Frowny Baba (2013) – A musical which satirises the life of a godman. Longlisted for the Metro Plus Playwright Award 2013.

Service before Self (2014) – Set in the backdrop of a murder in the Army, this play explores post-traumatic stress order in officers returning from conflict zones, class clashes within the army, and the issue of marital rape. An edited and altered version of this play was staged by The Madras Players, under the name 'Honour'.



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