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Review of Hitched in Women’s Web Magazine

(Reproduced from Nandini Krishnan’s Hitched is an up-close and personal look at arranged marriages in the lives of today’s urban, educated, and progressive Indian women. By Sandhya Renukamba While reading Nandini Krishnan’s Hitched, I was reminded of the song ‘Matchmaker, Matchmaker’ from Fiddler On

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Interview with Tehelka

(This is the expanded version of an interview by Arnav Adhikari, that appeared in Tehelka) You’ve brought together some pretty interesting perspectives on arranged marriages, but do you think when arranged marriages are devoid of free choice on the bride’s

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Online Launch of Hitched: Transcript

This is the transcript of Nandini Krishnan’s conversation with bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi, at the launch of the former’s first book, Hitched: The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage, published by Random House India. Ashwin Sanghi (AS): Nandini, honestly speaking, this

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